Stark White- A Flashback

Hey bitches (and non-bitches?)
It's been a busy couple of weeks that have added up to probably a month and some. Made a pretty cool bag (which I'll show you), helped out with an exhibition and DJ set. A lot of cleaning up (actually) had to be done after making a crazy mess in the process of creating beautiful things.

Time to get back on the wagon.


Did this shoot some time ago at Wits (University), I might have already post some of them but there are some extras.
Also, this was a shoot, which you can check out and HYPE here . I didn't use all these pictures, so you can actually call it a 'behind-the-scenes' post.

 White? Me? Yes. I decided on it because I always wear black and other dark colours (other than red, I mean, red is so pretty, how can one resist?), of course I deviated from the full white look with black stockings which was necessary . . . Seriously, this dress is like 'Spring break in Las Vegas' short, no bending! Not a chance. 
Oh, by the way, I love this angle, it's like lengthening mascara, especially if you're petite.

Smizing! Tyra would be so proud.

 More smize and I'd call this a good leg day, really.

Trying to cover the goods, haha. This was a raised platform, I had to get myself up there without ruining my stockings, shoes or lace dress! It wasn't too much of a challenge thanks to the help of my fiance, we had to do that whole 'leg up' thing like two rowdy teenagers trying to get into . . . Wherever rowdy teenagers try to get into, I guess.

Uhm, eyes like saucers much? Now, you can see how high I had to get up, and that's not even the entire height, gasp!

We were still searching for sunshine . . . On a cloudy day, but Mother Nature isn't really the bitch that she's thought out to be and she gave us a wink of light as if she was saying, "Damn girl, look at you! Gotta give it to ya for trying to get up that mini wall with THAT dress on!", why thank you mama!

And yes, that is yellow nail polish, which I was weary of but gave it a try, and it's pretty cool.

Look! I'm a GIANT! Looks like something out of an Ancient Egyptian history book.

I've thought about getting back to my edgier type of shoot. For a while, I thought it didn't photograph well, but I remembered it working out when I did it with my friends in college. I should probably just shut up and get to it. No need to overthink things. It's a must!

Later bitches.

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