Wet me, Dry me, Change me . . . 1

I hope everyone's posting silly photos by now.

Shot this in the bath yesterday, warm water of course- it's getting colder here.
The flowers that I got on my birthday are still kicking it (by the way) perfect to use them.
Also used flowers from the garden and watered them a little extra because I owed them one ;).

I'll post more later, these are the black and white/sepia ones that I fucked around with really nicely in photoshop. Conventional black and white or sepia just bores me, bleh.

Photos taken by my lovely fiance BJ Engelbrecht.

By the way, this took about two weeks, just me being a retard perfectionist and also being busy re-affirming inspiration and getting make up and styling ideas.
Those freckles are fake by the way :P.


Have a good night/day/afternoon/morning/evening.

Xoxo. Bitchez :)

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