Evergreens: "Flower Child, You're Still Wild"

Flower Child, collected the flowers.
She wanted to invite them to a party, take them to the water that they know so well
before it started to get dry outside, before the rain said "Goodbye". . .

She told them they too, could be evergreens, survivors of all the seasons.
They danced around as she stirred the petals. 

She told them that the girls would celebrate their presence, dressed in lace, blushy cheeks, 
pink nails, pink youthful lips, dressed in lilacs, shades of scarlet, rose, corals, 
they'd even have their hair coloured pink.

"Flower Child, you're still wild"

Wet lace, wet hair, a big warm hug from a bathtub of water . . .

It's simple, take a dip, keep that moist moist memory of Summer, be woken up by the sun, 

Remember that post in the bathtub? This is it! Swirling around in the bath was fun. Oh my gosh and that shirt (sort of worn as a skirt) was seriously heavy, but it made for that by being so pretty and sheer in the water, almost looks like draped silk.

Also, those are fake freckles, faintly done with my eyeliner- Got that idea from last season's fashion weeks. These are the flowers I got on my birthday, so gorgeous and they lasted longer than I expected.

What I'm wearing: A white lace top from a thrift shop
White shirt is also thrifted (It is huge! 'm planning to turn into a skirt)
Pink lace leggings that I cut into shorts :P

Lips: Revlon Just Bitten in Sweetheart Valentine (025)
Maybelline Super Stay Tint Gloss in Forever Berry (Just on the inside edge of my lips, makes it look like I just finished a lollipop, kinda)

XOXO Bitches! Be evergreens!

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