I'm Having A Pretty Day, OCD, Lena Dunham Is A Genius!

I woke up today and glanced at a mirror (my phone screen actually), and then looked in a proper mirror and realised I'm having 'A Pretty Day'. Seriously, it's my last day being 21 and I'm really fucking pretty! Could you ask for a better way to start the day? Yes, you probably could.

'Pretty Days' are obviously different from hot days (that was yesterday) in that you could have the most fucked up expression on your face that seems to have been placed there in your sleep and it will last for a few hours if not the whole day, and then you have this hot body and you just look pissed off or exhausted. Totally not 'prance around' material.

Anyway, since I've had them both following each other, I feel awesome, duh. I know this is obnoxiously random, which shouldn't be a shock (and there's more). I should probably photograph this face today but I'm not really sure if I should share it with everyone (my way of saying 'too much pressure, I'll have to keep that up'), despite that, I'll most likely take photos today, mwaha. Who doesn't like a little pressure. 

I've formed this annoying but healthy habit of drinking lots (my lots, not yours, as in 2 litres I think) of water . . . Everyday! I drink it in the morning, midday, before I sleep, I wake up in the middle of the night and gulp it down, like seriously 'What the fuck?'. I even have headaches when I don't drink water for a couple of hours, it's insane. But it's a healthy habit which is probably helping with that 'Pretty Days' thing so I'm not going to stop, I CAN'T STOP! I'LL GET HEADACHES IF I DO! Pretty cool. Now if I could just make the same habit of working out . . . Bleh.

Random Fact: This might not actually be a FACT, but whatever. The new gardener has OCD. Yes, he has OC-fucking-D. Uhm, seriously, the garden looks great, things in there are being trimmed and manicured like Carolina Herrera's whole existence ( Just say that with a French accent for more effect, you'll get to the point sooner). I mean . . . Where was your last gig? Jardins du château de Versailles? I feel like clapping with silk gloves and my chin to the air. I mean . . .

 So I've been watching films by Lena Dunham, she is a fucking genius. Why? Watch her films and TVshow and you'll figure out why, this is not a free ticket for opinions etc. I'll write about that later when it isn't my birthday week/month, mwahahaha!

I have a shoot planned for tomorrow, you'll see it soon enough ;). Took photos last week though. . .

Vogue is coming out of my shoulder, hehe.
Later Bitches. xx

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