Deejay Snyman: Sunday Sun Sets . . .

Get your Cigarette Incense on and watch this video bitches!

A whirlwind of things, you could call them events, you could call them happenings, you could call them dreams. 

It's trippy, very trippy. 

"The things around us become unfamiliar in their beauty . . . It's about the form," he said.

"They are, aren't they? . . . Beautiful. Our eyes pick up on the edges, everyone likes a little edge,", she said.

"And then we have hyper-awareness and it's familiar again."

"It feels familiar somehow, it's like I remember it all, the whole thing. That weird moment when familiarity breeds . . . Intrigue instead of contempt, like characters in a film, it's like a trip, really fucking trippy, it's making me dizzy."

"Shit! Do you wanna lie down?"

"Uhm no, where are my cigarettes? Oh. Can you pass me the lighter, oh and the black marker? I wanna see something."

"Babe . . . Babe!"



"Oh, thank you. Paper, paper, paper, hmmm . . ."

Light yourself a cigarette and roadtrip here.

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