Early Bird, Lots of Prey?

Good Morning! Yes, it's morning here. 
I got up pretty early, usually I wake up when the sun is no longer piercing through my window because I'm a vampire . . .  Like, right now I feel like I need to wear shades, but wearing shades indoors is so fucking awkward!

Anyway, I know it's been a while, it happens, just getting into the mind frame of writing can sometimes be so excruciatingly difficult. It's a personal experience and being in a bad mood, being cranky, or having a mild quarter life crisis can result in writing minimal depressing expressions . . . It's not a very considerate thing to do. 

Haha, yes quarter life crisis, at age 21! It was almost like Winter in my brain, spurred on by a couple of things that are seemingly shallow like wearing an outfit twice in a month and missing out on fashion weeks. You don't have to understand, but I'm fucking with you as well, it was probably deeper than that but it's over now so I can't care enough to share it, it's in The Notebook You Wish You Had.

So since I'm up so damn early, I figured it'll be a long day, all the better to get shit done. I was on the verge of creating an outfit post the other day and then the sun decided to be like "Later bitch" and it started raining. I mean, I literally had my foot out the door and the sound of thunder and lightening obnoxiously said, "Bitch, please", mean right? I'm working on an indoor space now, after throwing a tantrum and being traumatised.

Oh and I went to the mall with my fiance to play arcade games like kids and the arcade was CLOSED DOWN! That's not even the worst part, the mall is expanding so it's under construction in areas, basically they made a maze for us to walk through with dead ends and all that jazz (it is A MAZE), leaving me to walk around in my favourite heels (the red ones) which are now . . . Injured, poor things! I'm so sad! But I'm going to get them fixed instead of just stare at them everyday with feelings of nostalgia and despair.

Later bitches, I'll leave you with this cool chick . . .

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