Done and Doing

My olive blazer is done!!!
 Ahem, I kept it long and turned it into a vest for now, so it's sleeveless. 
The sleeves on that fucking thing were enormous, the width of them covers my torso, maybe even bigger! Anyway, it looks really cool, I'll post pics as soon as I'm done braiding my hair.

Oh yeah, my hair. I had it loose for so long (almost two months or more), and it just gets boring having to plait it when I go to bed, if I don't I wake up looking like a character that Jim Carrey would play, quite disturbing and really annoying. Also my hairstyles become so redundant and boring because I just clip it back like a 90's model in an attempt to control it and not have to keep fixing it. So yeah, I'm braiding the stuff for the sake of styling freedom. I INSIST on doing it myself, I've had shit experiences from 'professionals' braiding my hair, they don't listen to me, they either plait too tight or too loose, one woman insisted on blowing it out and actually convinced me that it'd be better to braid that way even after I told her how my hair becomes so silky smooth that it doesn't hold a plait and because of that, some braids started falling out of my hair. Also you get like, four people working on one head when they're under time pressure which means you have four different levels of technique on your head, the last time I told them I wanted it REALLY LONG but they cut the extensions in three segments and I ended up with a 'sort of long' hairstyle. I get that 'my long' and 'other people's long' aren't the same thing, bleh. These 'professionals' also don't understand that different parts of the head has much thicker hair than the rest, with me it's the middle which means the braids can be thicker there, otherwise you're stuck in the middle of my head for, like three hours! This is either common sense or I'm a freak, which I'll accept. What I won't accept is paying for a half-assed job, so I do it myself and pay with time and vanity hiding.

As for the shorts I was making, I cut one leg. It looks really weird, haha but I'll get onto the next leg and the lace and perhaps show those in an outfit with my lovely olive vest!

Goodbye for now, bitches. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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