Mission DIY: Special Agent Doll


It's been a while, I'm currently in the process of turning a huge (like XXL) olive green blazer into a super small to fit me. It was like a blanket when I bought it, but it was only 50 bucks (WIN) and I figured I might as well make it fit than spend another year looking for a vintage olive green blazer that fits! So frustrating. I unpicked the whole thing and realised it was handmade (DOUBLE WIN), it's always easier to tailor a garment that isn't overlocked on every single seam. Unpicking overlocking is like, really depressing, it takes forever and if you rush it you just end up ruining the fabric. There's so much excess fabric that I can literally make a skirt with it, seriously.

Haha, I bought some other seemingly useless shit. No one gets that it's my way of buying fabric, I just get XXL everything really cheap and end up with two to three metres of fabric, duh.

Check it out.
This is that huge blazer stripped and ready, mwahahaha!

 These jeans don't fit like they used to so I'm going to CUT THEM!! Yes, they are destined to be shorts and so they will be!! Yay.

 Oh, see that lace trim at the bottom of these XXL ugly pants, those are going to be the trim on my lovely grey denim shorts and the rest will end up being a top or a skirt or maybe even little white shorts.

 This is the only thing that isn't XXL because tops are easy, I'm just going to cut here and there and add a little spunk!

This is a vintage skirt, uh because you can't see the top it could be anything. Anyway, I'm using those buttons for my olive green blazer because the thing only came with one ginormous plastic button and it was fucking ugly. I like these (poor skirt though), they're like gilver (as in gold and silver). So cool. Oh and this skirt is gorgeous by the way, the top part is phenomenal, it's not part of my buying radom shit spree, I got it early last year and haven't worn it since. Sob.

Moving right along,  I' going to busy myself until I write again . . .

Lotsa love Bitches!

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