Dark Mind Maze

Which is better? Sleep deprivation or bad dreams?
Well, when insomnia has your ass for some weird reason (which you probably know), you operate like . . . Like you're only trying to operate, but you do it well. How does one's mind actually sleep? You dream when you sleep so your mind is still playing ball, some kind of ping pong or rugby, back and forth really fast or by force on a giant field. 

"She kept her eyes open in the dark, staring into it until the light started to seep in like ink in water.
Slowly. She wondered which one was friendlier as the light piercing her eyes became more intense with every minute that went past. She thought it was a very strange thing, darkness. You can't see enough to do much in it, you can't really write or draw or make anything. But she realised that it made her mind a playground. A grid, a maze, a party. It just went on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on like a river flowing, gushing into a waterfall. As the light crept in, she grew restless, she felt she needed to do something even though this constant activity in her mind caused her head to spin. A pounding headache and trembling, sore body didn't stop her. It was uncomfortable, it was strange, almost painful but she remembered that feeling from busier days . . . And she liked it"

Oh, the mind. It can be a safe place but it can explode. Be aware of what you put there or what you allow to be put in there because that stuff develops like film in the dark. When you get the picture . . .

Make it a masterpiece.

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