Blog Surfing and Random Pictures of Me

I know, I know, I've been Polyvore-spamming.
I've already cut it out . . . Sorta. Just trying to balance stuff, y'know?

Anyway, I literally spent the whole day looking at cool blogs, like the WHOLE DAY (until now of course) and i found some cool shit, obviously. Also some interesting people, like this one girl, Zaina Muiccia, who looks like Naomi Campbell's sister at a glance, she's totally a proud pot head, not much fashion going on there (hoodies, tights, tunics, tank tops) but I figured that wasn't the point. Also there's The Almighty Fashionista who just had really cool ad campaigns (I LOVE), so cute and inspirational, also no one wants be out of the loop. You could head over there and "Follow how she lives a champagne lifestyle on lemonade pocket money" haha quirky. And then there's Zizzi's wardrobe, something really cool about her, she's daring, yeah I think that's it.

Can you see how I'm totally getting my resolutions in check? Just say yes, I haven't worked out (bleh) YET, but I've made an ear chain!!! Yay!! Pics coming up soon . . .

I thought it would be weird if I just posted random photos of myself, in fact it was so weird to me that I was "Ah good idea!", yeah that's the way my brain works. 

I think I might've posted this before, kinda reminding myself that I want my hair long again. Yay!

Me on the beach IN STOCKINGS AND HEELS, I decided to hold my heels (the little red spot above my thigh that looks like I have red balls haha!)

I wish I could find another knitted dress! This was my mom's baggy sweater and it was just sewn to fit, how awesome?

Yeah see? Heels, at least I got the ice-cream and super-short-shorts memo.

That was fun! Oh my gosh, now I understand picture spams! Mwahahaha!

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