Who's Birthday?

Not to be a party pooper or anything, 
but it's Christmas today and that just happened to come with a whole lot of other things which I will mention. First of all, I'm not a believer in Jesus, there are like, 25 or more mythical boys born as the son of God on the very same day, but no one's going commercial crazy because of Buddha, now are they? It's all the Jesus freaks that are out with headache inducing bells, doing a sort of Olympic shopping, trolley pushing, and general feast freak out, taking pictures with Santa Claus because he is also Jesus apparently. Yes, very confusing.

And then there are the visitor or family or friends who you haven't spoken to or seen in a while for a good reason, but somehow this is the day either you call them or they call you to 'catch up' and say 'Merry Christmas'. That is one of the weirdest things ever, speaking to someone you don't like on purpose. They've fucked up somewhere along the line which is why you don't talk, but before they 'fess up to being an asshole/bitch and apologise, they call you up on Christmas like everything is great. 
People, that is no way to get back into a good book, a fake flower can't exactly be watered and then grow.

Also, the random popularity of the day causes people who are not really Christian to also celebrate, because it's totally normal to celebrate and then buy Britney Spears's comeback album even though you're not a fan. 

As far as Paganism goes, it's harvest time, which explains the feasting and giving and turning water into wine, oh wait, hold on, that's another story. Damn.  Great stuff for people in power to get the masses to believe in stuff and profit off their buying impulses that are inspired by Jesus. . .

Anyway, Happy Harvest Day? Fine, Merry Christmas.

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