Sensei to Banish The Wild

Sensei, banish the wild?
There's no tolerance in this space and it turns people ugly, it turns pretty girls into bottle slamming, shreaking, tears rolling down bitches.
She won't talk to you on purpose if she doesn't like you, doesn't need someone to introduce her to someone she already knows and doesn't have reason to like, so obviously she won't stand there and pretend to want to have a conversation with you, because she sucks at lying and she'll insult you as part of a social reflex. Even more, you expect her to hold it back, like that's going to happen, or is this a set up? Do you want her to be a gnarly bitch, because if you do, you're going to have to be really nice when that scene is over since 'bitchness' is hard to just simply snap out of.

You better not be the third person to piss her off in one hour, being easy on the first two already, third time is a fucking massacre of emotions no one wants to see. 
Trust me, no one.
No one wants to have to put someone in their own shoes just so that they understand the situation, it's annoying because when it happens to you, you have so much more to say and feel about the same shit you've put someone else through.
No one wants to be escorted out by security. People have that weird built up anger of their own, so when you fuck with one, you fuck with a lot of other people who are actually looking out for your ass as well.

No, you're not invited to be the recipient of her shitty three-times pissed off personality, but if you want to crash that party, you're kinda lucky if she just makes a scene, all the actors are ready and they're just as pissed off. I suggest you don't start the engine either: 1 and 2 are ugly too. 

No need to put a target on your back, people have a habit of 'saving' and you're here with like, yourself. You wanna join the party? Cool. You wanna force her to talk to you, to even look at you? Not cool. She also doesn't look at things she doesn't like on purpose, so stay out of her fucking way or duck. You think those tears come from sadness? Think again, it's more like a tribal call in your case.

Fuckers, she needs a sensei, don't fuck with her, leave her alone.

Valentine du Saint-Point, ask her, she'll tell you.

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