For You

Yes, these are my New Year's Resolutions for you. Not you, because they might not relate to every 'you' but you'll feel inspired or offended or enlightened or something if it is 'you' or it could relate to someone you know. And this is just because I'm a bitch sometimes.

1. Stop blatantly copying me: I know people think this is a compliment but seriously, you can't copy me or other people entirely because guess what? You're not them. That's it.

2. Please stop colour blocking so much, it was huge like, 15 seasons ago, stop trying to make this weird 'fetch' happen. Or just do it nicely.

3. No more showing up at clubs with hoodies or running shoes, it's a club not a gym, dress up a little.

4.  Those uploads of you in your lingerie on facebook? Has to stop, we don't want to see that unless you've been working out like Candice Swanepoel or you're a Scarlett Johannsen type, which you're not.

5. Check out my blog, and my other blog and my other blog, it might change your life.

6. Mine not ours. My bubble, my cigarette, my company. Not ours, okay? You'll know if it's a 'stop and chat' or if you're hanging around for way too long, randomly trying to make conversation and no one's even looking at you. Trust me, there's a difference.

7. Don't allow yourself to be bored for too long, it sucks.

8. Have fun, lots of it.

9. Live, feel, touch, experience! Do something, for fuck's sake, what do you think you're breathing for? 

10. Keep in touch with people you actually like, it's refreshing, those vibrant personalities. Just hang out or give them a call once in a while.

Uhm, that is all, I think, you're welcome to add. Oh wait, last one.

11. Commmeeeennnttttt!!!!!! Please! 

I'm making a list for myself, it'll be just as mean because I don't discriminate, duh. I'll make it easier for you Oh, You Little Snob! but you might need to wait a little.


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