You Can't Sit With Us!!

I felt like this about the internet, my camera and laptop and generally all digital shit that I used this week. Right now I'm thinking "What the fuck do you not understand about fucking central alignment?"

I'm also thinking "Do I really need to talk about this?". Yesterday I typed a whole post about the internets evil plot to . . . I don't know, make me build up content in my head? Guess what? Everything I typed mysteriously didn't get published. That and another post I typed before that!

This was on Wordpress. Blogger just informed me (like 1minute ago) that an error had occurred 'Sorry for the inconvenience', I think that was supposed to be 'Sorry for sucking the life out of you and your blogging experience'.

I'm already rolling my eyes on this post because hey, it might not be published. And if it looks a little weird, you must know that I'm not retarded, it's the fucking computer/internet or something. I was having a good week at some point, and then Mweb had a fuck up (Thanks MWEB), I won't have anything or anyone forcing me into writer's fucking block, OKAY!

And you still can't sit with us!!!

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  1. haha I love this scene in the movie! Sorry your computer is acting weird but thanks for the comments!

    Nico and Bri

  2. I know right! Ah you're welcome and all is great now!


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