Oooh all ladylike!

Right! I'm back.
And this morning I'm not cranky! What a relief, more so for other innocent people though.

 These pics are from yesterday. . .

Somehow I feel like I've worn this outfit before . . . Maybe half of it.
The top is actually made by me, I made it when I was like 17 for Halloween and decided to unpick the whole thing and sew it again. Some minor (actually major) improvements are the shape of the top bodice and all the fabric is the right side (lol), I'm actually in the process of making it a dress. The skirt, I bought and knew it was meant to be high-waisted but it only fit properly at my hips, so I sewed it up (like 30 minutes before an event) and voila. Apparently they only make clothes for big(ger) people- whatever (The rest of us have to stitch everything we buy or shop 'Chinese').

These photos remind of a few things
1. I need to work out
2. I suck at posing, hehe.
3. I really really like my back, my back gets like, no views and it needs to.
4. I play with my hair A LOT!

I thought I could wear this outfit to my friend's launch of a new range (YAY!)
but . . . NO. It's too soon to be seen in this skirt again, last time was two months ago so it's not going to HAPPEN (just like 'fetch').

That is all.
As usual, I'll be back!

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