Today I'm fucking cranky as hell.
I'm like Regina George losing out as prom queen cranky, like sharing attention with someone I don't like cranky, like cockroach in my fucking cereal cranky. You get the picture.
The neighbour is blasting this hip hop shit that was popular when I was in high school, I happened to know some of the lyrics which also just pisses me off. It's one of those days that you'd be stupid to rub me the wrong way.

Happy holidays,mean girls
Happy holidays,mean girls (Photo credit: joanneteh_32(loving Laduree))
Anyway this cranky and hungover bitch wants to post a look today. . .
It'll be interesting to say the least, it'll probably take forever but I've already thought of it so it's going to haunt me and basically there's no going back, damn.

In my own opinion (of myself,duh), I'm doing pretty well as a crank, I'm quite sweet - I haven't told anyone to eat shit. I'm keeping my mouth shut, I figured it works better that way when you're fucking cranky. Too much cursing, I better not go onto lookbook today . . . And I better not comment on any blog posts right now . . .

Hahaha actually where's my cave? Or my invisible cloak? lol
I'm going to follow the example of Miss Chilled Crank - Kourtney Kardashian.

I have a look to post hey? Right, let me go do that.
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