The Notebook You Wish You Had

In the notebook you wish you had, she writes memories of nights, of thoughts that could've passed her by. Maybe influenced by the spirit of youth or the spirit of not having a brain-to-mouth filter which translated into hand to pen and now hand to keyboard.
This is a good thing.
Once upon a time she had her words, the flow which surpassed pen and paper (straight to keyboard and live) deleted. Although somewhat torn, she knew she still had the edge and that edge had been documented in The Notebook You Wish You Had.

"She thought this was familiar, we're all cool with familiar except that it apparently breeds contempt. 
If her words were more real, she'd be speaking with a friend, if theirs were more fake, they'd be at a RALLY. So here we go, same road, same sound coming from a distance. Stark white, pure black, township grace, city race, shitty face. Smiling like a bitch does. You know I can't help myself, I'm not you and where I go, I feel the need to cause a fucking scene,break something/one, be remembered blah blah fuck you" (mature isn't it? . . . No)

It's so much more interesting when you flip to a random page . . .
If you ever connect with your teenage madness, you'll know.
You might've been once stupid but your intuitivity was fucking intact.

Somehow the past LOOKS nice.

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