"Just another day
Nothing's any good.
I have so much to do
I have to carry on"

"I'm crying everyone's tears, I have already paid for all my future sins"

Kinda horrible feeling that way.
At the same time, it's okay because you know only good can come if you've had what you haven't expected. 
Being able to predict from a past of unpredicticality means you can expect what's not expected.

No one can shock you because you're there expecting it.
Being out of element is also not so bad in the fact that think of the things that have gotten you out of it.
You know
You know . . .

Somehow it's all there in the clear.
What they don't want you to see.
What they want you to see, to know.

So it's like, really, they can't piss you off at all, unless you know you can piss them off by being pissed off.
You have complete control over how you feel or how you want to feel, 
so you can give them their own medicine just by knowing what their medicine is and that you're the one they're going to pick when they decide to be generous with it.

"Bite me", you say.
"Indulge me", you say.
Give it your best shot, your best shit.

But guess what I know it before it comes.
And this is all from being apparently

Double vision, bitches.

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